Revolution Foods – Hero Campaign

Digital Campaign

Revolution Foods asked us to develop a campaign to generate word of mouth around their new Dinner Hero and Breakfast Hero products. While many of us want to cook home made nutritious meals for our families, it isn’t realistic to cook from scratch every morning and night.

Our goal was to position these new products as life hacks. While we may not be able to help parents leap tall buildings in a single bound, we can help cut down on the time it takes to get their families fed each day.

The campaign also celebrates the little things that parents do that make them heroes: The late nights sewing halloween costumes. The endless Saturdays of soccer, violin, birthday parties. The pages-on pages of bed-time reading. The hours spent on the floor helping to construct a Lego masterpiece. Throughout the campaign, we celebrate these little hero moments and invite parents to share their own.


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  • Digital Campaign
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